Liverpool Council: Fix Wattle Grove Traffic NOW!

I have been in contact with members of our community regarding the traffic occurring in Wattle Grove during the afternoon.

As it is a local road, and under their control, I wrote to Liverpool City Council last year to request that it be investigated and a solution found for the bottleneck that occurs around school pickup time.

After debating my request, Council's November Traffic Committee meeting minutes state that:

"The Committee discussed that construction work is still being carried out within the school and parking arrangements will be reviewed after the construction."

While I am glad that Council agreed to review the parking arrangements - after the construction has finished is not soon enough.

Council needs to do more now to ensure that traffic can move more smoothly and safely within Wattle Grove.

This petition calls on Liverpool City Council to:

  1. Urgently investigate and address the traffic congestion issues around St Mark's Coptic Orthodox College, Wattle Grove.
  2. Undertake temporary measures to reduce pressure whilst this work is undertaken
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