Open Swim Schools, Focus on Water Safety and Extend the Active Kids Rebate

We are fighting to:

  • Bring forward the safe reopening of swim schools
  • Ensure children’s water safety is prioritised with the rollout of the NSW Government learn to swim vouchers
  • Extend the Active Kids vouchers so kids can make up for lost sport opportunities

I understand the challenges that lockdown has caused, especially for our local community. As part of returning to normal, we need to provide opportunities for kids to be come safe in the water and to be active again.

As our community opens up and we head into summer, our families will be enjoying our local and backyard pools, beaches, rivers, and lakes.

Please sign the petition to make water safety a priority, to ensure our kids that have missed out on vital swim classes can get back in the pool as quickly as possible. Your support will also back our call to extend the Active Kids vouchers so kids can get out from behind their screens and active again.

Please sign the petition today!


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