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  • Playground Upgrade For Hammondville Public School

    Hammondville Public School is one step closer to new and improved facilities, with a playground upgrade announced as part of the NSW Government’s Metro Renewal Program.

    Since the announcement of the Metro Renewal Program in November last year, schools have been invited to apply for renewal projects to improve their school facilities.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, welcomed the news that this project at Hammondville Public School has been funded.

    “I’m delighted to see that the students at Hammondville will have access to a better and more user friendly playground – I know it is a project that the school community have been working towards for some time.

    “This $150,000 investment by the Liberal and Nationals Government is essential for our students, so that they can thrive in a great learning environment.

    “Delivery of these projects will be undertaken in the next 18 months as part of the NSW Government’s economic stimulus package for NSW schools,” Ms Gibbons said.

    The Metro Renewal Program will provide a government co-contribution of between 50 to 80 per cent for school infrastructure improvements to high priority schools in metropolitan areas.

    Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the project at Hammondville Public School was part of the NSW Government’s stimulus program and the State’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

    “I’m pleased that we are continuing our record investment in school infrastructure, including the project at Hammondville Public School. The funding will directly benefit local communities and support hundreds of jobs in metro NSW,” Ms Mitchell said.

    “This program is part of the NSW Government’s economic stimulus response to the pandemic, and will deliver educational benefits, community benefits and economic benefits as communities continue to recover.”

    The NSW Government is investing $7 billion over the next four years, continuing its program to deliver more than 200 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW.

  • Students Benefit From Tutoring Program

    NSW public school students are already benefitting from the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government’s history-making $337 million tuition program.

    Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said more than 3960 educators were already on the ground at 1755 schools. The vast majority are retired or casual teachers, supplemented by university education students and university tutors.

    “I’m thrilled to see members of the education community coming forward to help out students after a disruptive 2020,” Ms Mitchell said

    “This additional support is tailored by the school, using both the data from last year’s Check-in Assessments and the knowledge of classroom teachers.

    “Having tailored models of support allows schools to be flexible so students can catch up in any areas where they’ve been struggling.”

    Minister Mitchell said the program is receiving excellent reviews from teachers and principals.

    “The feedback I have received is that school communities are ecstatic to have this extra support, and are already putting staff to work to ensure students benefit from the program as soon as possible,” Ms Mitchell said.

    Rural and remote school leaders will also have access to expert additional educators to develop tailored support models to implement the program successfully.

    Registrations are still open to educators interested in taking part at

    Existing Department of Education staff should register interest through ClassCover.


  • Free Tutoring To Support Students

    For the first time in NSW, students will receive free tutoring in 2021 thanks to a landmark $337 million program that is part of the NSW 2020-21 Budget.

    The program increases the ongoing support for students’ education after a disruptive school year.

    The Government is employing up to 5,500 additional staff to deliver small-group teaching at every NSW government school, as well as non-government schools with the most significant levels of need.

    NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said people in NSW are working hard to recover from the pandemic, and the Government is committed to ensuring students’ educational outcomes continue to improve in 2021.

    “2020 has been a tough year, particularly for our students and teachers who did an incredible job despite a disrupted year that included seven weeks of remote learning due to COVID-19, and in some areas that came on top of bushfires and floods,” Ms Berejiklian said.

    The Department of Education will support schools to identify students who would benefit the most from this intensive support, tailoring it to their requirements.

    Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell today called for educators across the State to express their interest in being part of this historic effort including; casual and retired teachers, final year teaching students, and university tutors including PhD candidates who are already teaching undergraduate classes at university.

    “We know that learning for many students stagnated during the pandemic and tuition in small groups will help re-engage our students in their schooling,” Ms Mitchell said.

    “This program is designed to have maximum impact on student outcomes, because small-group tuition rapidly accelerates student learning.”

    Key features of the COVID learning support package include:

    • $306 million to provide small-group tuition for eligible students across every NSW government school – primary, secondary and Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs)
    • $31 million for non-government schools with the greatest levels of need to provide small-group tuition
    • The program will begin in Term 1, 2021 and run throughout the school year.

    Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the program would see a boost in employment for casual and part-time teachers and university tutors.

    “This program will not only support our students in their education but will also provide unprecedented employment opportunities for qualified teachers and university tutors who may be short on work,” Mr Perrottet said.

    “We will also make sure our rural and remote school leaders can access the expert additional staff members they need to implement the program successfully,” Ms Mitchell added.

    The COVID intensive learning support program is the latest measure in the NSW Government’s strategy to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes and ensure that every school and every student can improve every year.

    People interested in taking part can lodge their interest at:

  • New Primary School In Edmondson Park

    The community of Edmondson Park is one step closer to a brand new primary school with the Premier, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Minister for Education, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC, and State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, today confirming a site for the new school.

    The announcement comes as the NSW Government confirms the acceleration of funding for the project as part of its COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

    Over $300 million has been committed across three new and three upgraded school projects. It is estimated the projects will support over 1,500 jobs.

    “We’re committed to delivering high-quality school infrastructure across the state, which is why we are building a new primary school in Edmondson Park,” Minister Mitchell said.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, welcomed the NSW Liberal and  National Government’s commitment to delivering this project in the community.

    “A new primary school at Edmondson Park will be a valuable asset for local families and will benefit the community for generations,” Ms Gibbons said.

    The new primary school is currently in design with the procurement of a construction contractor to commence by the end of the year.

    The NSW Government is investing $6.7 billion over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of our State.

  • Site Plans Revealed For New Primary School In Liverpool

    Liverpool is one step closer to a brand new school following the release of the indicative site plans by the NSW Government.

    The new school will be built on the side of the Liverpool Boys and Girls High Schools, and will cater for the projected growth in the Liverpool area.

    The school proposes to provide new flexible learning spaces, and core facilities, including a hall, library, outdoor learning spaces and open play space. The school will also provide dedicated OOSH and preschool facilities.

    Further planning will inform the size of the school, potential staging requirements, and take into consideration future student enrolment projections.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, said the new school will help cater for the fast-growing school age population in the Liverpool area.

    “I look forward to the community engagement starting and am pleased the planning process is already well under away” Ms Gibbons said.

    Education Minister, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC said she was proud of the work the NSW Government was doing as part of the largest-ever investment in its public schools.

    “I’m thrilled that we’ve reached this milestone for a new primary school in Liverpool, which will deliver the high-quality school resources students need to succeed,” Ms Mitchell said.

    Planning for the upgrade at Liverpool West Public School is progressing as well, with the schematic design and State Significant Development Application lodgement set to occur early 2021.

    The NSW Government is investing $6.7 billion over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW.

  • Notice of Motion - Book Week

    Melanie Gibbons moves, that this House:

    1. Notes Book Week runs from 17 to 23 October 2020.

    2. Recognises the theme for 2020 is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

    3. Acknowledges Book Week encourages pre-school and primary students to love reading and also celebrates Australian books and authors.

    4. Thanks the schools in the Holsworthy Electorate for their participation in this important and fun week.

  • Chipping Norton Public School To Welcome New Crossing Supervisor

    Safety for students at Chipping Norton Public School in the Holsworthy Electorate will be boosted with one of 98 new school crossing supervisors to soon be appointed, as part of an $18.5 million NSW Government commitment to improve student safety.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons said the new supervisor will monitor children at the crossing, in Central Avenue, as they walk to and from school.

    “We look forward to welcoming our new school crossing supervisor over the coming months as they join more than 1300 others across the state helping to keep primary school students safe.

    “Recruitment for this position will open shortly and I strongly encourage dedicated people interested in serving their community to apply.”

    Ms Gibbons said the safety of students, many returning to the classroom to start Term 4 last week, was a key priority.

    “Our school crossing supervisors are part of a suite of measures to keep kids safe, including reduced speed limits in school zones, high visibility safety treatments like signs, “dragon’s teeth” road markings and flashing lights,” said Ms Gibbons.

    “Most school zones are in effect from 8:00 - 9:30am and 2:30 - 4:00pm when higher fines and demerit points apply. I am reminding all motorists to slow down when entering a school zone or when you see bus lights flash as children are nearby.”

    The recruitment drive is part of the NSW Government’s plan to fast-track the appointment of a further 300 new school crossing supervisors within three years.

    Once the new batch of 98 are in place it will take the total of new school crossing supervisors to 267.

    To see the full list of all new School Crossing Supervisors announced within the program so far, go to:

  • Funding Certainty Continues For Schools In The Holsworthy Electorate

    Students in Holsworthy Electorate public schools will benefit from the funding certainty delivered in their school budget allocations for next year.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, said the allocations are part of $10.1 billion in annual Gonski funding being delivered to public schools for 2021.

    “The distribution of funding through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) ensures that the best possible learning opportunities are provided to directly benefit the 2021 student cohort.”

    Ms Gibbons said the $17,060,256 in funding for Holsworthy Electorate schools delivers support where it is needed the most, to students and schools with the greatest need.

    “This is an increase of over $600,000 from the 2020 funding amount.

    “2021 will be the eighth year that the Resource Allocation Model has delivered funding certainty to schools to enable them to plan so that improvement will touch every classroom and impact every student.”

    In addition to a number of needs-based funding items, the funding will be predominately allocated through the seven RAM loadings – the equity loadings (socio-economic, Aboriginal, low level adjustment for disability, English language proficiency) and the base loadings (location, per capita and professional learning).

    “Needs-based funding underpins the great strength of public education - equity of opportunity, and will ensure schools in the Holsworthy Electorate continue to flourish and deliver those opportunities,” said Ms Gibbons.

  • Training The Next Generation Of Construction Professionals

    The NSW Government is transforming the way the next generation of construction practitioners will be trained to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing sector.

    Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson and Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education, Geoff Lee, today announced a new partnership between the Office of the Bulding Commissioner and TAFE NSW to create a state-of-the-art digital training platform.

    Mr Anderson said the partnership will lift skills and capabilities in NSW’s construction workforce through targeted training that fills gaps in the traditional education market.

    “The NSW Government is delivering a once in a generation transformation of the NSW building industry and the current crop of construction practitioners will critical as we lift standards in the industry,” Mr Anderson said.

    “They need new skills and capabilities to take be part of the digitisation that is underway or they will be left behind.

    “This new partnership will help to future-proof our workforce, drive continued growth and productivity and help NSW rebuild its way out of the COVID-19 induced recession.”

    Mr Lee said through the collaboration, TAFE NSW has built an online learning platform to deliver up to 18 courses by next year that will bolster core construction capabilities.

    “The construction sector, like many others, is evolving quickly. Having a learning platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by construction professionals is key to providing an agile response,” Mr Lee said.

    “These new micro-credential courses will ensure industry is provided with an opportunity to receive revisonary training to boost standards as well as maintain strong safety and compliance.

    Member for Holsworthy Melanie Gibbons said the initiative will upskill and empower construction students across South West Sydney. 

    “This is a move in the right direction for employers and construction professionals as the State delivers a vital pipeline of infrastructure and residential projects,” Ms Gibbons said.

  • Moorebank High School Benefits as Schools Receive Additional Maintenance

    Moorebank High School is one of the 968 schools across NSW that have received additional maintenance work, clearing over half of the outstanding school maintenance list across the state.

    Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said an estimated $200 million was spent on 968 additional maintenance and upgrade projects at public schools across NSW during the last few months.

    These additional maintenance works are part of a $1.3 billion election commitment that is on track to be completed by the middle of the year.

    “We are now over halfway to achieving our election commitment to wipe the additional maintenance backlog at our schools and we are on track to achieve it by July this year as promised,” Ms Mitchell said

    “The effort made by tradespeople, builders and department staff across the state has been incredible, handling both the task of bushfire recovery for day one and pushing on with our maintenance commitment.”

    The maintenance blitz focused on additional repairs and upgrades including roof works, new floor coverings, drainage, electrical work and painting.

    State Member for Holsworthy, Melanie Gibbons MP, has welcomed the works.

    “I’m excited to see the investment the NSW Government is making to maintain the schools in our local community,” Ms Gibbons said.

    “These works represent a commitment to not just maintain our public schools but to constantly improve them.

    The NSW Government is investing $6.7 billion over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW.

    In addition, a record $1.3 billion is being spent on school maintenance over five years, along with a record $500 million for the sustainable Cooler Classrooms program to provide air conditioning to schools.

    This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW.